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Another adventure, this time at the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park | Military Museum – with jets, tanks, & submarines!

The USS Wisconsin Battleship was HUGE and a real blast to explore and see, and even though the USS Alabama Battleship is a little smaller, with the whole Battleship Memorial Park displaying water boats, helicopters, fighter jets, including the SR-71 spy jet, tanks, and the USS Drum Submarine…well there just wasn’t enough time in one day.

Enjoy the adventure and be sure to let us know your favorite part, your favorite museum, and/or your favorite adventure.

See you again soon!

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Our Dad came to visit us in Florida and we had the most wonderful weekend!

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The Grand Canyon has always been one of our favorite places to visit. It has been four years since we were there, and once again, IT’S AMAZING!

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To all of our veterans
Far and near.
We thank you for your service.
For all those years.

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Fun with friends, great food, golf with geese, and the beautifully bright and shiny nightlife – Las Vegas still has the charisma to attract all.

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Let’s get together for a Bar-B-Que and remember America’s fallen heroes!

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Do you have a smelly restroom or kitchen sink?

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