How To Install A VPN

How To Install A VPN
Are you sharing your data?

If you don’t know what a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is, please watch the YouTube video available in this post.

ALL “media” providers are watching, tracking, building profiles on you, and selling that data EVERYWHERE on the Internet. This includes what you watch on TV, view on websites, including the apps on your phone.

You can stop them if you want to. Again, watch the video linked to this post.Here is a link to the VPN service I use:

Nord VPN

Analogy: If you have unprotected sex with a stranger, you might get an STD or have a pregnancy.

With that in mind; if you watch TV, surf the web and use apps on your phone without using a VPN, you might get a computer virus, fall victim to identity theft, and you WILL have your personal data sold on the dark web.

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